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Webinars begin at 8:00 PM
Cost: $25 per webinar
           $80 for all four
                       Webinars are from 8:00 PM- 9:00 PM
                            (also available to playback as recording)

We all want to succeed and we all want to feel secure in our jobs.  More than training, more than howwell we know our business, it is our Emotional Intelligence or how well we handle emotions, ourselves 

and each other that determines whether we succeed and stay afloat in today’s fluctuating business world. 


The good news is that research has pin-pointed the emotional abilities creating this excellence and there are evidence-based emotional skills which empower us to succeed.  


 Research also shows that Emotional Intelligence can be cultivated, increased and achieved.  However, it is not enough to know which abilities you want to develop – you need tried-and-true skills to get there.


Based on evidence-based DBT skills, this webinar will outline the specific emotional abilities you need to 

succeed plus teach you skills to develop this Emotional Intelligence to handle your emotions for the ups and downs of your career.


Find out not only what the leaders at Harvard Business School, surveys of American employers or corporate leaders identify as the game-changing abilities – learn the emotional skills how to acquire 

these qualities. Learn more and register here

Feb. 24 2016: Emotional Skills To Thrive In Your Career

Presented by Nina Kaweblum, LCSW

About Nina: Nina Kaweblum, LCSW is a licensed social worker specializing in DBT therapy. She works with individuals and groups helping them learn skills to to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Strategies To Take The Stress Out of Managing People
Presented By Ingrid Awerbuch
Better Communication at Work
Presented by Janette Levey Frisch Esq.

Managing people at work doesn't have to be a nightmare. Join us for this insightful webinar to learn practical tools and strategies from Ingrid Awerbuch, an experienced human resources professional. Discover how you can manage your employees or team members with less stress and more cooperation.

About Ingrid: Ingrid is a Human Resources professional committed to both personal growth and to expanding the effectiveness of people in organizations to achieve individual and organizational success. I have worked in many industries partnering with senior management teams to implement HR solutions that drive business results and to create an inspiring and productive workplace.

About Janette: Janette works with employers on most employment law issues, acting as the Employer’s Legal Wellness Professional — to ensure that employers are in the best position possible to avoid litigation, audits, employee relations problems, and the attendant, often exorbitant costs. Janette authors the firm’s weekly blog, where you can read each week, in plain English (not legalese) about issues impacting employers today. Janette has written articles on many different employment law issues for many publications, including EEO Insight, Staffing Industry Review, @Law, and Chief Legal Officer.

If you work with others, you already know how important good communication is. In this webinar, you'll learn how your communication affects other at work and how to better express your ideas to others. Join us for this webinar led by Janette Levey Frisch, Esq., an attorney specializing in employment and human resources issues, as we explore strategies to improve communication at work.

LinkedIn is the tool of choice for professionals looking network a well as build their personal brand. In this informative webinar, you'll learn how to navigate LinkedIn like a pro to strengthen your personal brand and highlight your accomplishments as well as how to connect to others in your industry.


About Jill Jacinto: A former associate editor and on-air reporter for financial news website Minyanville, Jill hung up her finance hat to help young women – like herself – find career success. Jill is the resident Millennial Career Expert. She has appeared on Fox & Friends and her advice has been featured in Glamour, Business Insider, Men’s Health, Refinery29, Reuters, and Yahoo! Finance. Through her writing, counseling and speaking events she helps young women discover their career dreams.

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